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Retirement just got better: tap into your home's equity with a Mann Mortgage Reverse Mortgage.

Quite possibly the most powerful & useful loan program in the world, Reverse Mortgages allow you to use your home equity as YOU see fit - while still owning it.

What are reverse mortgages?

Reverse loans, also known as reverse mortgages, are a type of loan available to homeowners aged 62 or older that enables them to convert their home equity into cash. Unlike traditional mortgages, reverse loans do not require monthly payments and are not paid back until the borrower sells the home or passes away. One of the significant benefits of reverse loans is that they can provide older homeowners with a source of tax-free income to help supplement their retirement savings or cover unexpected expenses. Ideal candidates for reverse loans are those who own their home outright or have a considerable amount of equity, intend to live in the home for the foreseeable future, and have a need for additional cash flow in retirement.
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Reverse Mortgages at a glance.

  • With our reverse loan, you are not required to make monthly mortgage payments as long as you continue to live in the home as your primary residence, pay property taxes, and maintain the property. This gives you more financial security as you age gracefully.
  • A reverse loan allows you and other homeowners to access the equity in your home without having to sell your home or move out. This can be especially beneficial to those of you who may have limited options for housing.
  • You can use the funds from a reverse loan to pay off existing debts, such as credit cards or medical bills. This can help reduce financial stress and improve overall financial stability for you and your loved ones.
  • Apart from Lewiston, our Lewiston branch also serves several other towns in the region, including Clarkston Heights-Vineland, Uniontown, and Genesee.
  • Whether you are looking for a conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, jumbo, construction, renovation, or reverse mortgage loan, our Lewiston branch can provide you with personalized service and competitive rates.

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The main advantage of a reverse mortgage is that it allows homeowners to access the equity in their homes without having to sell their homes or make monthly payments. This can be helpful for older adults who need additional income to cover expenses or want to improve their quality of life in retirement.
To be eligible for a reverse mortgage loan, the homeowner must be at least 62 years old, own their home outright or have a low mortgage balance that can be paid off with the proceeds of the reverse mortgage loan, and occupy the home as their primary residence.
We offer competitive rates on our reverse mortgage products, helping you to access your home equity at a reasonable cost. We have a strong reputation in the mortgage industry too, and we are known for our integrity, honesty, and commitment to our clients.

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